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Thursday, February 10, 2011

St John's College

It is no secret that I am not a fan of formal dinners at Cambridge. Until last night my only experience of them was at my own, rather poor college of Selwyn. The food is always overcooked, the vegan dishes are unimaginative and I always get fruit salad for dessert. 

Imagine my surprise then when our lab went to St John's College for formal hall last night and the food was well cooked, beautifully presented, very tasty and the wine was free! And it was cheaper than Selwyn! For shame, Selwyn, for shame.

You can only take photos in hall when the fellows are not present which restricts any photos of the food to dessert.

So above is the menu for anyone that's not a vegan. I received an entree of cherry tomatoes, rocket and capers drizzled in seasoned olive oil. For my main I had pasta with a red sauce with mushrooms, courgettes and aubergine with the same fondant potatoes and glazed carrots and black sesame seeds as everyone else. Then for dessert... no fruit salad! It was a very sweet berry, date, fig and raisin compote which I couldn't actually finish so Geoff ate it.

John's is my new favourite place to get a 3 course meal with wine for £9 in Cambridge.

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  1. I was just moaning to someone at lunchtime about how vegans always get fruit salad! That compote and the whole meal sounds lovely.