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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Cheat's (Maree's) Paella

I've mentioned paella before only I don't really like my recipe. It's messy and tricky and involves a ridiculous amount of ingredients. And I was almost turned off paella for good until I went to my darling friend's house for one of my traditional Monday nights with Maree.

I remember when I walked in the door and saw her pouring about a litre of red wine into the pan and smelling the herbs and thinking she'd had a little brain collapse and was cooking mince for her vegan pal. But I think even if her brain collapsed she'd still look after (ie feed) everyone around her.

This is the recipe. She calls it Cheat's Paella. I call it Maree's Paella.

Cheat's (Maree's) Paella

Medium grain rice
Moroccan seasoning
Cayenne pepper
Fresh chopped chilli
Diced onion
Diced carrot
Diced sweet potato
Diced capsicum
Lots, lots, lots of red wine
Vegetable stock
Black olives
Plain soy yoghurt

Basically the idea is to fry off your onion with your spices until nice and fragrant in a large fry pan. Then, add a little more olive oil and the rice and ensure the rice is well coated, until the rice goes translucent. Add your vegetables and fresh chopped herbs to this mix with a little red wine to get the spices off the bottom of the fry pan.
Then add enough red wine and vegie stock to cover the mix. Put the lid on. Keep adding red wine / vegie stock until the rice and vegetables are cooked through – make sure you don’t drink all the wine while you are waiting for this to happen.

Serve in the fry pan with chopped black olives and soy yoghurt.

She also hosted a lovely Christmas party on the weekend and made these really tasty nuts. I'll track down the recipe to share with you guys.

In other news Geoff has gone to Newcastle for a Combinatorics (no, I didn't make it up, it's a type of maths) conference so I'm home alone. Geoff normally walks the dog since I'm still recovering from the broken ankle. However, today I got a little tipsy drinking some Pinot Grigio (Brown Brothers. Vegan. I checked here. Handy website.) and decided I'd play with the dog. Only she likes to make me chase her and the backyard is full of holes (thanks to the dog) and I didn't want to trip and fall down one so I took her for a walk instead. Except, in my drunken stupor, I thought running around the oval would be a good idea. Yeah. It wasn't. My foot hurts. My ankle seems fine it's just my foot. So I have the brace back on. Stupid, stupid Not-So-Skinny-Vegan.

I also overspent at Dogstar last week so am putting 1/8th of my wardrobe up on eBay. Maybe 1/10th. I pulled out about 70 items and it barely made a dint in my wardrobe. I own a lot of clothes.

And, I hope you all noticed, I now have a whole 7 subscribed readers. 7! I'm famous!

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