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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Vegan Christmas: Part Three

Well, the dinner was a success. If you count success to be that they were already full before the main course after eating my nibblies and soup. The Sweet Potato Flan wasn't exactly great tasting and both Geoff's brothers seem to dislike lentils and chickpeas a lot but everyone found something they liked. Apparently Geoff's mum said she didn't miss meat at all. Then she added that Geoff's older brother might not have shared the same sentiment.

The Sienna Cake was beautiful, the gingerbread cookies turned out great, the chocolate dipped fruit was a winner (especially the white chocolate! Thank you Sweet William) and then everyone exchanged gifts and it was really nice.

So now we are off to Yamba tomorrow after I give my final MATH2000 tutorial for the year. I love my MATH2000 class. They are so sweet.

I'm definitely taking the gingerbread recipe, the rum ball recipe (although using less rum this time!) and the Sienna Cake recipe. The lentil bobotie was quite nice but I think a little too lentily for my family. But my brother loves the kofta balls at the Hare Krishna stand and I found a recipe in Cooking with Kurma for them although it was made with cheese. The Hare Krishna ones are vegan so I'm sure I can find a recipe somewhere.

I'm sure once we get there Mum will put me in charge of food so I will keep my anxious readers updated with what I'm going to cook.

Recipes to come.

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