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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Stuffed Gem Squash

Geoff decided to order gem squash in our box when I returned home. He had plans of stuffing them. And when I say he had plans I mean he had plans that I would do it.

I like stuffed vegetables because it's really easy to make. You just lightly fry up some onion, whatever vegies you have in your fridge, maybe some finely chopped tofu and some oats/rice/cous cous etc. Then you add your spices, maybe some soy sauce and lime/lemon juice, and stick them in the oven with a light brush of oil.

I didn't like these, though. Geoff likes them. The flesh of the gen squash is almost bitter and tastes a little like chlorine. They look good, though, and are certainly a novelty to eat. I just think I'm going to stick to stuffing capsicums, mushrooms and zucchinis.

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  1. Bitter? Chlorine? You must have been drinking the way, horrible recipe!