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* The title of this blog refutes the dangerous idea that veganism is a weight-loss diet and that all vegans are skinny. Conversely, being a-not-so-skinny-vegan is also not the same as being overweight or unhealthy. All food intake must be part of a balanced lifestyle.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

How To Be a Cambridge Vegan II

We found Tesco yesterday which meant we stocked up big on supplies. Which meant I could eat this yummy breakfast!

And the packaging here is so helpful that finding vegan food is very easy!

 We brought our camping saucepan with us and bought a Tefal frying pan for £14 (bargain!) and found a deep, round Pyrex dish in a second hand store for £1.50. We went to this lovely kitchen shop at Market Hill but despite my drooling over some of the lovely items we could only afford a £1.49 wooden spoon (although it's a very nice wooden spoon!). But in all I have the basic items I need to cook which makes me slightly cheerier about the pending, impending, gloomy, doomy cold.

I also found the Cambridge Vegan Society and their website has a good list of vegan friendly restaurants in town which is mighty helpful. So be prepared for some reviews!

There's also something called The Cafe Project here but I'm a little uncertain of it at the moment. I will have to find out more.

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