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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

How To Be a Cambridge Vegan

Selwyn College
Geoff and I are now officially residents of Cambridge (that's Selwyn College above, we live on the grounds and I'm a member of the college). It's been wonderfully sunny and warm and my bosses, supervisors and lab buddies have all been so wonderful and welcoming that I've hardly noticed we've moved. And since everyone is here at the moment we've been going out to eat a lot.

We ate at the Rainbow Cafe when we first arrived (some readers may remember my not so positive review from April) and my opinion of it remains unchanged although Geoff seemed to like his meal.The following morning we still had no food in the house so went into town (and by that I mean the 5 minute walk across the Cam to the centre of town) and discovered that nothing opens until 10am on Sundays so we walked around a bit and found a lovely little cafe called Indigo Cofee House (Facebook page here) where we had coffee and bagels and did the Times crossword (the easy one, and only once we found it which required asking 2 strangers and a lot of flipping). We have now discovered that the 2.20 pounds refers to the weight of the damn paper and not the price.

I also had lunch at Carluccio's, although could only eat the bruschetta, and we had dinner last night at Browns which was a bit underwhelming but my meal was actually quite nice (despite the lack of protein) it was a nice evening.

We are settled into our new house although are a bit surprised by the lack of a shower. So we've been taking baths, Mr Darcy style, and hopefully we'll get some sort of shower hose fitting soon. This is a photo of the outside of our house of which we only occupy a small part.

Our humble home in the Selwyn Grounds
As I mentioned above we live on the Selwyn grounds so it's very convenient to everything including the lovely gardens.
Selwyn Gardens
And although I was hoping for a gas oven the one we have is electric but it actually works splendidly (we made great pizzas when Zach came over for dinner the other night) so I'm quite happy with it. I cannot wait until my mix master is here and all of my baking tins so I can start cooking again.

This is where the Cambridge Vegan magic will happen.
So for now that's all I have to report. But I would like to give the following, very important advice to anyone ever visiting the static world that is Cambridge:

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  1. That house looks really nice from the outside, where you can't see the lack of a shower. The gardens are great, though I suppose they'll be looking less spectacular in winter.