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Saturday, August 29, 2009


I am in San Fransisco and ate at Alive! today.

I don't think I understand raw foods. Henry Thoreau, in Walden, challenges the concept of using fuel for the preparation of food, and I'm not that opposed to the idea, but raw restaurants blend and refrigerate. They aren't subtracting the fuel. They are just subtracting the heat. And the result?

I ordered a Green Smoothie that tasted like celery and parsley and had the consistency of sloppy mashed potatoes. I had already eaten lunch so I went straight to dessert and asked the waiter what he would recommend. He recommended the Strawberry Chocolate Torte.

The strawberries were nice (but I could have picked up a punnet at Safeway for 3.99) and the chocolate biscuit base wasn't without it's merit but the 6 inches of cold coconut cream that layered the top of the torte and increased my risk of a heart attack ended up on the side of my plate in a whitish-pink mess.

I don't get raw foods. And I'm not sure I want to understand. I think I'm a baker.

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