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Sunday, August 23, 2009

From the girl who brought you a Jane Austen book club after seeing The Jane Austen Book Club I present to you... a vegan's Julie & Julia.

It's my last day in New York. I'm not sure if it's Manhattan's acoustics or the temper of the God's but the storms here are orchestrally terrifying. The thunder left me with an interrupted sleep so I didn't exactly perform an enthusiastic start to the day. And it was raining on and off and after a trek and a half to get to Moby's Teany only to find it closed (although I did find Babycakes open which was a pleasant surprise) I decided to waste the last of my last day on the east coast with a movie.

3.05pm Inglorious Basterds was sold out so I bought a 4pm ticket to see Julie & Julia and wasted an hour in nearby Pottery Barn and Barnes & Noble.

The film was excellent. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Meryl Streep is such an excellent actress. Two things somewhat hindered my enjoyment of the story:

1. The fact that I had earlier enjoyed a banana cupcake with blueberry frosting from Babycakes and then followed it with a cookie sandwich from the same store. I'm in such vegan heaven here in New York that I frequently forget that two huge American sweets, no matter how vegan they are, will leave you with a throbbing headache and nausea.

2. I watched four lobsters being thrown into boiling water while alive and then the dead carcass of a duck be deboned.

I did, however, come up with a solution for this:

1. Make your own blog.

2. Make it vegan.

3. Share the goods with your friends so you avoid the headache and nausea.

4. Share the recipes and experiences with the whole three people who will read your blog out of voyeuristic tendencies.

So that is my plan. When I return home I will embark on a vegan cooking expedition.

How long will it last?

Well, to be fair to my fickleness, we did read all of Jane Austen's works in the book club. Although, to be fair to the truth, we only discussed the finished works. But I had a full discussion about Sandition and The Watsons and the other one with myself. I feel this counts. And I have now read all of Jane Austen's works. So let's see how many vegan cakes I can bake, vegan soups I can stir, vegan dinners I can hold and how much No Egg one vegan can use in a year.

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