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* The title of this blog refutes the dangerous idea that veganism is a weight-loss diet and that all vegans are skinny. Conversely, being a-not-so-skinny-vegan is also not the same as being overweight or unhealthy. All food intake must be part of a balanced lifestyle.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

This time we had our very own black beans...

... and we made them into Black Bean Sauce.


  1. I thought your blog was lonely and needed a comment. So here goes.


  2. It's not lonely. I just make 5 posts at once so it looks lonely!

  3. Why would a blog make 5 posts at once unless it wanted attention?

  4. I meant it looks lonely because I make 5 posts at once.Anyway, you are being disruptive. If you comment on black bean sauce you must talk about black bean sauce!

  5. Do you badger all your commenters like this?
    Oh, I am your only commenter.

  6. those noodles look bloody delicious