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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Roasting Tin Muffin Cake

Geoff hasn't been feeling well so I had the brilliant idea to get up this morning, make him some Ginger and Lemon muffins and a coffee from our wonderful espresso machine, and surprise him with breakfast when he woke up. Now, most of my friends will know that being that romantic (or even just nice) is quite unusual for me but Geoff has been so good at looking after the household duties while I'm at the lab that I thought I should be nice for at least a morning.

However, like always, things didn't go according to plan. Instead of nice warm muffins and fresh coffee Geoff woke up to my voice:

"Geoff, you need to get up. I made muffins for you only to realise we don't own a muffin tin yet. So you need to get up and go get me one."

This is my version of nice.

Poor Geoff.

In the end I couldn't remember if we have muffin tins coming over by ship from Australia or not and since we have limited space (because in the UK your flat is 1/4 the size for twice the price) doubling up isn't such a good idea. The next best thing I had was a roasting pan so I made the "muffins" in that.

They always turn out delicious and this time was no exception. However, there is just something nice about having a warm muffin in your hand and taking that first bite into it and watching the steam billow out. A flat, rectangular muffin with a depth of about 2cm is not exactly the same.

Since our stuff won't be arriving by ship until December I won't be baking any muffins for Vegan MoFo. However, if you are lucky enough to have a muffin tin at your disposal I would highly recommend making these delicious little gems.

There will be no photo of the muffin cake. I am much too ashamed.

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  1. "(because in the UK your flat is 1/4 the size for twice the price)"
    OMG, I KNOW!!! The only way to get a decent-sized flat that doesn't cost an arm and a leg (just an arm) is to move to the country, but then you are in the middle of nowhere (and the post office lady calls you a foreigner every time you post something).

    I have only one friend who thinks the flats here are moderately-priced and not too small, but he lives in Russia and used to live in NYC!