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Monday, April 12, 2010

Idaho & The Conference Day 1

The flight was very short but the plane had propellors! Propellors!

I have spent most of the day inside my hotel room watching television. I was okay until the L&O SVU marathon ran out and then I realised I was alone and wanted to go home. But I made myself go to the reception (where everyone talked in very close knit groups) and then I left to get dinner since there was no non-meat food provided.(When I asked the lady about the dinner and lunches provided she told me to pick around the meat and cheese and butter. She was from the Los Alamos lab. I now don't like Los Alamos.)

I ate at Pita Pit USA. It reminded me a little of the falafel places in Israel which was nice. And it was a pretty nice falafel.

Maybe I'd be happier if it wasn't so cold. And Geoff and Belly were here. Belly would be good entertainment.

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