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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Packing Disaster

I just realised my flight is tomorrow morning and I have all this food and tea I now need to pack. The tea can squeeze in the big bag along with some cookies from Whole Foods. I'll throw a few snacks in my backpack in case I get hungry on the very long flight (1 hour and 1 minute) but what about the rest? Should these items stay at the hostel for my return, be thrown out, be stuffed in my already full belly or fly with me to Idaho:
  1. my honey (much needed for my super secret get better drink)
  2. one lemon (also much needed for super secret get better drink)
  3. 2 more packs of soy pudding (delicious but has flimsy lid and will be gooey if it leaks)
  4. leftover pasta and sauce from last night's dinner
  5. vegetable oil
  6. half a clove of garlic (useful for cooking and super secret drink)
  7. one left over white flour tortilla
  8. half a carton of soy milk
  9. some juice
I have half a mind to eat most of the above and them use the gym a lot when I get to the conference. Any other suggestions?

1 comment:

  1. Don't worry, everyone. I solved the problem. I left 1,2,5 and 6 in the fridge for my return in a week. I ate 3 (yummo!) and ate half of 4 and threw the rest out. I will use some of the soy milk on my cereal and will throw the rest in the morning and will finish the juice then too.

    Problem solved!