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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Seattle Reviews

University District

Chaco Canyon Organic Cafe 

This is a big, bright, open cafe with lots of seating. They are very green with recycled and recyclable goods everywhere. I had the pesto melt sandwich. The pesto had a lot of coriander, which was a bit of a surprise, that gave it a fresh taste which was great alongside the creamy vegan cheese they include on the sandwich. I almost couldn't finish it; it felt like it was bursting with flavour. It was ~$US9 including tax. I haven't worked out the tipping in the cafes where you order and pay first so I've been skipping out without paying the tip.

Capitol Hill District

Plum Bistro
I think this place is also owned by Hillside Quickie's (see below). It's a great restaurant, though. Excellent service. I had to have the Mac 'n' Yease and I also got the stuffed mushroom. It was fantastically delicious. The only thing I get a bit worried about is the amount of fat/oil that's left on the plate afterwards.

Sage Cafe (Hillside Quickie's)
I went here for lunch after a bit of a walk around Prospect park. I was quite hungry but running out of money. I ordered the Northwest Portobello Crepe because it was only $US9 and the burgers on the menu were $US11. But I was not disappointed! The mushrooms and seitan had a delicious smoked flavour and were both warm and juicy. The crepes were sweet which gave a pleasant contrast to the heartiness of the filling. The mushrooms and seitan were topped with a creamy in-house vegan mayonnaise. Everything they serve is vegan. Some cons included very limited seating and my meal took a little longer than I would have liked although not too long and the chef served me and apologised for the wait. Would definitely go back.

Remedy Teas
After my delicious crepe I pop across the street to this delightful little cafe. They have lots of vegan goodies for sale (I had the raspberry and coconut muffin which was deliciously moist and soft) and over a hundred different teas for you to choose from. I had the Digestion tea (as was recommended to me) which had mint and vanilla flavours. They give it to you in a self-brewing cup with a timer and instructions. It was delicious and the service was great. For a muffin and the tea it cost me $US5.65 including tax. Far better and cheaper than Starbucks!


Flying Apron Bakery
This is a cute little bakery in north Seattle in the lovliest area. I ordered the Apple Pear Gallette and took it through the Fremont Sunday markets to sit by the river to eat it. It wasn't fantastic, the cake was a bit fluffy and insubstantial. The topping was moist and I enjoyed the white glaze but it wasn't as delicious as it looked. But everything looked really good so I would be willing to go back and give it another try.


Noodle Ranch 
The only reason I decided to go into this place was that it was right across the road from the hostel and I had just arrived and was starving. Also, pan-asian normally guarantees something vegan. I probably should have kept walking. I ordered the green curry which I thought would be some sort of Thai concoction but it looked and tasted more like a spicy, thick white sauce. I was so hungry that I ate it all but it made me quite ill afterwards. It also contained only potato, broccoli and some silken tofu. It was very spicy but bland. I wasn't impressed. And it cost me $US12 after tip and tax.

Whole Foods Market
I love Whole Foods. Delicious fresh baked vegan goods every morning and lots of vegan sections. If you feel like just grabbing a quick plate instead of eating at a restaurant you need to go here. It's also great for groceries although a bit pricey.

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